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About Jenny

Stop worrying about what other people are doing and let me help you find what's best for YOU!

Jennifer DiDonato | NASM, CES Certified Personal Trainer


My name is Jennifer DiDonato, but you can call me Jenny!  I'm an NASM certified personal trainer and former national-level figure athlete. I have experience inside the gym and in-home training for over a 15 years.

After working in a gym for several years, I've discovered that many clients prefer an environment where their needs can be addressed on a more personalized level.

For some, health and fitness as a whole can be overwhelming, so I wanted to show my clients that they could get healthier and fit with minimal-to-no equipment. I strive to make the experience more personal and convenient for them by training in-home and in my private studio.

I take pride in developing one-on-one relationships to help design the perfect program. I love what I do and feel very fortunate to touch so many lives.

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