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About Jenny

The Studio

Private personal training provides you, the client, with a judgement-free environment that you are most comfortable in.


You're not distracted by anyone working out around you, you won't be self-conscious, and you don't have to worry about waiting to use any equipment.


My programs are designed for the specific individual and are based on your specific needs, goals, fitness history, and motivations. 


All personal training sessions are accompanied by emailed copies of every workout and a comprehensive plan for other days of the week.


Whether you have a gym membership, equipment at home, or prefer training outdoors, a program will be designed based on what you have access to, your schedule, and your own fitness level.  Any concerns or questions are handled as soon as possible via text or email as YOU are the priority.



About Jenny

My name is Jennifer DiDonato, but you can call me Jenny!  I'm a certified personal trainer with experience inside the gym and in-home for over a decade. 


After working in a gym for several years in customer service and training, I felt that my clients were not getting the best service they could receive in a public gym setting. 


I wanted to make it more personal and convenient for them by training in-home and in my private studio. My goal is to provide a comfortable and fun experience while helping every client achieve their optimum health and fitness.


I love my clients and I love what I do, and I would love to help you feel like the best YOU that you can be!


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